Untitled – MC-FSTJA a.k.a El Niño de Elche at Red Light Radio

Untitled has the pleasure to invite MC-FSTJA a.k.a El Niño de Elche to perform at Red Light Radio in Amsterdam on 2nd March to present his new LP.
About Untitled
Founded by Alonso Vazquez, Untitled collaborates with Alan Doe or Campo Magnético for production, diffusion or curation of events and content.
Untitled is a space and time created for the seek of listening. We believe sound is a relevant material of space which affect us all and everything. Untitled offers the possibility to gather a community of people interested in artistic practices and research about sound, space and its relationships.
Untitled is a proposal to change our mode of listening by opening our ears, eyes, skin, and mind. We believe in emergent practices which shift the conventional methods to establish a relationship between people and our environment. Untitled researches and supports sound practices which operate between the borders of music, art, sound, architecture or space.
Eventually Untitled creates situations and invites people to present  works. We like to find connexions in order to support work which search for surprising results and experiment with their environment.